Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Senior Project Reflection

(1) Positive Statement I am most proud of what I learned during my service learning. I learned a lot about what an electronic engineer does and also gained valuable work experience. (2) Questions to Consider A. A "P" because I think I did everything that was required in the contract. B. A "P" overall because even though some assignments were turned it late I did all that was required and didn't do anything less than what the assignments required. (3) what worked for me during my senior project was being able to complete all my assignments and working 110 hours with something having to do with my senior project. (4) What didn’t work for me was turning in some assignments late but I was still ablest complete them. (5) Finding Value The senior project has helped me in my endeavors by actually requiring to find information on the job I want to go into. I was also able to get work experience and an inside look as to what electronic engineers do. Without out this project I don't know if I would of actually taken the time to research more into the career I want to go into.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Helping 2013

Rene Lacad
5/10/2012 12:38 PM

(1) What ideas do you have for your senior project and why?
Martial arts, Karate, hip-hop dance. experience with karate and hip-hop

(2) What do you plan to do to complete the 10 hours of service learning (working with an expert) which is due prior to senior year starting?
Teach karate

(3) What do you hope to see or expect to see when watching the class of 2012 present their two hour presentations?
Doesn't really expect anything just how to do it.

(4) What questions do they have about senior project? What additional recommendations would you give the 2013 student about senior project? .
What is the hardest component?
When do you prepare for the 2-hour?

I recommended that since he is thinking about doing it on karate or hip-hop dance, that he can complete his 2-hour by teaching the moves of some sort. 

Service Learning

1. Log on blog. during my service learning i programmed gps units, packaged, and unpackaged them and also troubleshooted them.
2. Tony Rangel (1.866.357.2736)

The most important thing i gained form this experience is getting an inside look at the job of an electronic engineer, because this is what helped me out with my senior topic.

My service learning helped me answer my EQ because during my time there I listened to conversations about what's wrong with their gps units and how to better improve them.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Independent Component 2



(a) I, Robert Ortega, affirm that I completed my independent component which represents 30 hours of work.
(b) I have completed 30 hours of work that includes programming GPS units and testing them in order to be shipped off to customers.

My independent component demonstrates 30 hours of work because it has helped me learned different skills and how to work in a job environment.

My independent component 2 helped me with my EQ by giving me insight to what an electronic engineer must do. By testing their products they are ensuring the quality of their products along with the knowledge they know in the specific field they are in. I also noticed how the company is always looking for ways to improve their products.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Answer #3

  • What is most important to being a successful electronic engineer?
  • Prevention of electrocution and hazardous materials.
  • Engineers work with electronics, which use electricity in order to complete another function such as lighting up a room.
  • Parts of electronic devices are soldered together with lead that creates hazardous fumes and bubbles that can pop and splatter.
  • A jolt of electricity can cause severeburns that can prove fatal.
  • Tony Rangel
  • U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • Electronics for Dummies

Room Creativity

1. I plan to address the room creativity expectations by putting posters around the room with my eq and place electronic devices around the room.
2. 3 activities I have are a demonstration of how electricity can cause harm, show an innovation my uncle has made, and a matching game.